Hiring The Ideal Country Dance Band For Your Event

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When you’d like to add some high energy fun to a party there’s no finer way than by hiring a live country band. Experienced country music bands can add excitement to any affair or event. People are beginning to notice that hiring an incredible party band can transform an average function into a full-on, mind-blowing event. Whether you’re planning to book live music or another type of entertainment for a banquet, corporate celebration, birthday party, celeb party, or other type of event, professional live country bands can produce excitement that not many other types of music entertainment can.

If you want to double the amount of enjoyment at your next celebration for a surprisingly modest cost, an experienced band is just what you need. They are going to provide lots of fun for your affair. Get-togethers that are raved about for years afterward almost always feature some sort of entertainment, and most often musical entertainment. And an amazing country music dance band is a time-tested way of turning uneventful celebrations into a greatly remembered blowouts.

The main things to consider will be the number of people you’ll want to invite along with the amount of room available in your venue. A very small neighborhood get-together with a handful of guests will only allow you to hire a country group that’s fairly small in size, maybe even just a duo or trio. But based on the dimensions of the venue, you may have the option to utilize a larger group. Good-sized venues are going to have enough room for larger bands.

The moment you know about the size of the location you can then make a decision concerning the kind of music that will be the very best fit for your specific group of guests. If all you need is subtle background tracks you certainly don’t have to bring in a high energy party band. Yet, should you want to give your party guests an opportunity to dance, you can’t find a better way to do that than by booking a live country band for the guest’s pleasure. Line dancing is enjoyable, so you should not overlook that thought. Country music bands are frequently used for outdoor activities like rodeos, festivals, and fairs, but can certainly be outstanding music entertainment for corporate parties, anniversary parties, and even wedding receptions.

If money is not a problem for you, it is possible to bring in a nationally or internationally famous country band. Yet, when you are strapped with a minimal budget, don’t be disheartened. It will probably shock you, but even if your budget is small you can still find excellent bands that would love to rock your party. You just have to learn how to locate them. Finding suitable bands at the best prices is definitely a difficult problem for some people, but is made easier by searching out a reputable booking agent.

Rather than wheeling and dealing directly with the band yourself, it’s usually a better idea to talk with a music entertainment agency. A reputable agency is aware of what groups are available and what their rates are. This gives you the opportunity to do a comparison of cost and quality. And lots of times, a good booking agent will be in a position to make a deal directly with the band’s manager and get you a price reduction. The most effective approach for booking a band is with the help of an agent with experience.

Semi-precious Stone Mala Necklaces / Yoga Jewellery

Mala necklaces are a strand of 108 beads traditionally used in Buddhism to keep count during yoga meditation of mantra recitation. Mala strands have 108 beads because this is one of the most significant numbers in the Hindu tradition, e.g. 108 is the number of energy channels in the body and the number of Sanskrit letters. So, if you are a practising Buddhist or yogi (or you know someone who is), then a mala bead necklace would make the perfect accompaniment to your yoga gear! Making your own mala beads, rather than buying them off-the-rack, is a fantastic way to inject some personality and uniqueness into your necklace – as you can select semi-precious stones which represent your personal values.

Continue reading our hand how-to guide to discover how to make a mala bead necklace. Of course, this tutorial can be made more complicated by adding steps (such as pendants, stones etc.) but this guide will give you the easiest and quickest version, so that you can use your new mala beads at your next yoga class – even if it’s tomorrow!

You will need:

• 108 beads or semi-precious stones
• One larger bead (also known as a Guru bead)
• Bead cord
• Tassel (optional)
• Scissors
• Glue (optional)
• One pendant (optional)
• A bead design board (optional)
• Needle or pliers (optional)

1. Take a ball of bead cord

If you have a bead design board, you will begin by laying all the 108 beads onto the board in order to visualise the look of the overall finished necklace. After laying out beads on your board, you will need to cut a piece of beading string. However, there is no need to cut a specific length of bead cord or bead string, as you may end up cutting a piece which is too short, and then you will have to start all over again. Instead, you will need to overestimate the amount required by using an extra-long piece of beading cord.

2. String and knot

Mala bead necklaces have knots between each bead. This helps to ensure that if the necklace breaks, the beads or stones will not go flying everywhere and you won’t have to spend hours looking for semi-precious stones in the carpet!

Start out with a single knot and then thread a bead onto the string -make sure that the knots are as close as possible to the beads. You can achieve the best results by using pliers, tweezers or a needle to ensure the knot is as tight as possible to the bead.

You will need to repeat this process 108 times!

3. Knot the ends together

To create the mala necklace, you will need to knot the two ends of the beading cord together through a larger bead, known as the Guru bead. This helps keep the necklace secure. For extra strength, you could use a small amount of glue over the knot.

4. Create a tassel (optional)

For an added dimension a tassel or charm is often added on to the end of a set of mala beads. You can either create a tassel yourself using thread and cardboard or pick one up from a shop.

Once you have your tassel, simply thread it through the loose threads from the Guru bead. Make sure you tie everything tightly and snip off any loose bits, and you will be good to go!

Music Can Be Beneficial When Studying

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It has been stated that approximately 75% of individuals listen to music while they’re studying or doing homework. But is it helpful or harmful? Does it cause emotional stress or decrease it? Stress and anxiety can lead to lots of physiological ailments such as migraines, increased blood pressure levels, ulcers, and other types of maladies. Music is definitely an emotional expression that can cause either positive or negative emotional and physical changes to the human body. Because stress can negatively affect learning, the question is “will music decrease the stress that studying may cause, or will it increase it?”

Numerous studies have shown that music affects our mental state and stress levels. Music is occasionally used to help recovery resulting from medical ailments and can reduce an individual’s pulse rate and blood pressure levels, producing a relaxation effect. So at first glance it might appear that music can make studying less stressful and be beneficial, boosting the ability to learn. Yet, whether or not this is true is determined by a number of factors as you will see.

As it turns out, the more difficult the subject a person is studying, the more likely it will be that the music will be disruptive to the learning process. At the same time, for topics that are a lot less demanding, music may very well provide mental stimulation, with the result being a beneficial learning experience. And to benefit the music experience even more, take a look at these products.

Whether music affects learning in a good way or bad way also depends on the sort of music listened to and the individuality of the person. Music with a faster tempo or beat demands a lot more concentration from the person doing the studying, which in turn can raise the heart rate and BP (blood pressure) levels. However, music with a slower tempo can decrease an individual’s heart rate, which can lead to a mental state that’s too much too calm for a productive study session.

Loud music can make it a great deal more difficult to focus as well. But if the music is too soft, a person may put forth more effort into actually hearing the music, which in turn can also result in a loss of concentration. Ideally, the volume will be middle of the road, not too soft and not too loud, but somewhere in between. The key the music is in can also make a difference. Music written in a major key is generally more upbeat, while music written in a minor key is generally more depressing. For study or learning purposes, it is best to enjoy music that’s in a major key as opposed to a minor key, and at mid volume and tempo.

The words to the song are yet another consideration, but just might be the worst facet of the music when it comes to learning. When an individual is trying to study or learn, while at the same time listening to the lyrics of the music, the same exact regions of the human brain are trying to process two things at the same time. Research shows that studiers are most distracted when they play music they’ve heard many times before.

Another factor concerns a person’s temperament. Introverts need lesser stimulation while extroverts desire more. Extroverts often benefit from the added stimulation that music provides while an introvert’s train of thought might be more easily disrupted.

As we pointed out previously, there are many variables that determine if music will be helpful or detrimental when studying. The use of background music while learning is a personal thing, and what’s good for one individual might be harmful for another. To determine if music works for you personally requires experimenting. So have at it.

Top 7 Urban Survival Kit


Many of the bug out bags and survival kit you find out there are designed for days of wilderness survival. Most are loaded with gear that are of no significance to the urban landscape.

You do not need a heavily loaded bug out bag with kits and emergency rations meant for a 72 hour emergency. You however, need one that is suited strictly for urban survival. In this article I will be writing on just that; urban survival kit you must have:

1. Self Defence Items

The urban landscapes are centred on areas that are highly populated. This also means that you are more likely to come face to face with other survivors. If they are friendly thats all good and fine. You can even exchange rations or help with them even. But what if they are not friendly and try to steal or rob you off your belongings? This is when pepper sprays or a weapon would come in handy to keep you and your loved ones save.

2. Multi-tool

A multi-tool can help you go a long way in urban survival. These tools normally come with, a saw, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a can opener, scissors, rulers, pliers, a ruler and even a mini compass to help you navigate your way if you get lost. This is a must have if you ask me, and they are made so compact that you can just keep them in your pocket.

3. Pry Bar

This is really an underrated item in the survival world. A pry bar is so useful that you can use it search and rescue, scavenging food and even moving heavy objects or debris that are in your way. A very good use for it is for prying open stuck or locked doors or even vending machines. I love it!

4. Emergency Radio

Always remember this, information is gold. You want to know the most up to date information and news about an emergency situation you are in. Always keep a hand-cranked radio for your urban bug out. That way you dont have to worry about batteries running dry and you will always be in the know of whats happening.

5. Sillcock Key

Also known as a four-way water key, will give you access to water on will. With this key you can open water supply from tamper-resistant bibs in commercial buildings. Having this key will allow you to have access to water from these commercial buildings. This is priceless in times of emergencies.

6. Tactical Flashlight

This is not your average flashlight. This must be long lasting, bright, water-proof and compact. Some even come with built-in fire starter and even a mini compass that you can use to navigate you way to safety.

7. Gas Mask

Anything could happen in an emergency scenario. There could even be a gas or chemical attacks. This is when the gas mask could mean the success or failure of your urban survival. Its light and can be easily packed in your big out bag.

Here are the top 7 urban survival kit we have identified, you must have. Make survival preparedness your way life in order to be safe, and to keep your family safe.

Do Dog Exercises Promote Mental Stimulation?


It is important to provide your dogs with adequate exercise to keep them healthy, to prevent behavior problems caused by boredom and pent-up energy and make them feel happy. This not only includes physical exercise but should include mental enrichment. Mental stimulation can use as much energy as physical activity.

Dogs have a keen and powerful nose. Playing scenting and nose games helps to provide mental stimulation. Agility classes combine physical exercise with mental stimulation. They are also great for bonding with your pet. Obedience training builds a stronger bond with your dog and provides mental stimulation. It’s best in short sessions though.

Nothing gets most dogs excited like a Kong filled with peanut butter. The challenge of getting every last drop provides plenty of mental stimulation. Some people go a step further and feed their dog every meal using a food dispensing toy.

A bored dog isn’t just more likely to be destructive – it’s also less happy and fulfilled. It’s important our dogs get enough physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. This can partly be achieved by allowing your dog to spend time in the garden (possibly with a dog door), but this can’t substitute a proper walk.

Even dogs that love walks will start to get bored if you use the same one or two routes each day. Repetitive routes are much better than no exercise, but they don’t provide as much mental stimulation. For this reason, try to vary your walks.

Give your dog plenty of time to sniff. Even if your dog isn’t off-leash, give him lots of opportunity to sniff and investigate. Dogs rely on their sense of smell much more than humans, so this provides lots of mental stimulation.

Dogs are highly intelligent beings needing physical and mental stimulation just like we do. It turns out that walking around the yard isn’t as physically or mentally stimulating as we hoped it might be. The solution to this is to actually take your dog out for a good walk or a jog. That way, your dog can be mentally and physically stimulated by interacting with the outside world.

Plan a route that allows for time off-leash (if possible). Not all dogs are suitable for off-leash walking. For those that are, try to plan routes that allow for at least some time off-leash. Dogs tend to sniff and explore more when given extra freedom, which provides extra mental stimulation. Be careful if your dog is off-leash around children though – and never let him out of your sight.

Proper Horse Nutrition


Keeping a horses health in tiptop condition will required proper food, water, and supplementation. If you’re keeping your horse in a pasture, its not enough to rely on grass for grazing alone. Take a look at these important details about horse nutrition.

Six main nutrients – Horses need to have these six nutrient classes to survive:

* Carbohydrates

* Protein

* Vitamins

* Minerals

Water is the most essential nutrient your horse needs. It needs enough water on a daily basis to stay healthy. This is why you need to make sure that you give it a continuous clean water supply.

They need about 2 quarts or almost 2 liters of water for 1 pound of hay they eat. The volume of water should also be tripled during hot weather. The same applies for horses that are lactating or work daily, regardless of the temperatures.

Fats and carbohydrates provide the energy for your horse. These will provide enough energy for your horse to go through its daily work and activities.

Protein maintains the proper development of the horses muscles during growth, and minerals help keep the horses body functions working, like muscle contraction and nerve conduction. It will need some macro-minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium.

Vitamins aren’t really needed in your horses diet. But, there are supplements which are meant to help keep stressed horses from developing severe health problems.

Hay and alternative feeds – Hay makes up a large amount of a horses diet when graze isnt available. This kind of feed will allow you to keep a horse in an environment that isn’t natural to horses.

If fresh hay isnt available, you can resort to alternative feeds. Only feed your horses when you really have no other choice.

* Beet pulp

* Silage or haylage

* Hay cubes

* Concentrated feeds

* Alfalfa

* Old hay

Feed and plants to avoid – Not everything can be fed to your horses. Grains like rice bran and wheat may result in mineral imbalances in your horses body. Garden refuse, lawn clippings, and compostable arent recommended either, since they can be toxic to horses.

If youre keeping your horse in a pasture, make sure that it’s free from toxic plants. Here is a list of plants you need to avoid feeding your horses:

* Deadly nightshade

* Buttercups

* Bracken fern

* Horse tails

* Pigweed

* Lily of the valley

* Milkweed
* Red maple

* Red oak

* St. Johns wort

Water supply – Certain factors will affect the volume of water your horse should intake. It depends on the climate, workload, size, and type and amount of feed.

Use this table as a general guide on the water volume your horse should drink based on its weight.

Body Weight 419 kg (900 lbs) – Water Volume 3-6 gallons (13.5-27 liters)

Body Weight 545 kg (1200 lbs) – Water Volume 4-8 gallons (18-36 liters)

Body Weight 680 kg (1500 lbs) – Water Volume 5-10 gallons (22.5-45 liters)

Why Choose A Cruise For Your Vacation?

Holiday & Travel

Vacations are often imagined to be a visit to a worthwhile destination which is usually limited to a single country. But why would you limit your holiday to a trip to only one? Country-hopping has become one of the most sought-after vacation ideas wherein you can fit multiple destinations in a single trip. While it may seem costly given the fare and accommodations you would need to prepare for, there are airlines and cruise lines which may offer it as a package.

Do not be discouraged if the package does not suit your preference because you can book the connecting flights by yourself. However, if you are looking for the most convenient way to do country-hopping, booking a cruise is recommended.

Compared to a self-planned trip, a cruise gives you all around convenience because almost everything is planned. From the meals you will be eating to the length of the trip and the destinations, everything has been pre-arranged for you. Unlike a single out-of-the-country trip, you will be able to visit five or more countries over at least a week. On top of that, it only counts as a single trip.

There is a wide variety of cruises a traveller can choose from. Bundles may vary throughout the year. These may range from Southeast Asia trips to the classic Mediterranean cruise, to tropical islands of the world.

Booking a cruise basically gives you the opportunity to explore multiple countries without having to worry about hotel accommodations as well as restaurants where you should eat. Other than these, the cruise experience does not end with the country exploration during the day because cruise lines offer numerous services which you can avail such as a casino, shops, massage lounges, pools, as well as ballrooms.

A cruise also has its setbacks, though.

Individuals will only be given a certain number of hours to visit and explore per destination. Given that, you may not be able to experience the culture of the country nor explore it thoroughly. This is mostly because activities are crammed in the limited time that you have been given. Also, there are certain days that you will be staying in the boat for you are still in the middle of the sea traveling to the next country.

Aside from this, you would have to prepare for hidden costs which may come along the cruise you booked. For example, an excursion trip which you will opt for convenience whenever you dock on a port. This, however, may be avoided by booking excursions ahead of time and not necessarily on the day itself.

Nevertheless, a cruise can offer a one of kind country-hopping experience in a single trip. If you plan to book a cruise, be sure to get the package which can bring you to the destinations you want to visit. Do not forget that it is better to book in advance so that you can prepare well for the trip. This way you can enjoy its entirety.

Lastly, having known the countries you will be visiting upon booking, do some research on the must-sees and activities you can do in each destination.

Do You Love Luxury Charter Yachts? Read This!

Holiday & Travel

Whether your passion is for crewed sailing charters or bare boats, this piece will reveal all you need to know about luxury yachts.

This article is well-suited for those aspiring yacht owners who are looking to try out something new and those looking for family holiday charters.

Luxury charter yachts are very appropriate for wedding charters, romantic breaks, and corporate charters too. They are gaining increasing popularity for various reasons. One of such reasons is that they are very versatile and offer broad diversity for holiday groups.
We are taking a particular look at yachts with engines and the ones with sails. For some people, it is all about taking a journey, while for others it is more about getting around quickly so as to enjoy the delights on offer.

Yacht brokers

These are the ones that take care of all you need at no extra cost. They provide you with full details of your holiday. They are also the ones that find the best yacht, crew and great activities that you and your family or group will love. Because yacht brokers are in touch with yacht owners, they will be able to get you the best bargain. See www.yachtcharterspecialists.com for full details.

What is spectacular about a crewed sailing charter?

Crewed sailing provides you and your family with a chef, paid deck hands, and a professional skipper. You get to enjoy a quality time with your family in an informal structure with some peace of mind. There will also be fun activities for every member of your family despite their ages in case they do not want to be part of the sail. Your yacht broker will help in coordinating your crewed sailing charter.

You will have a lot of options such as where you would like to sail, suggestions on the best local areas to explore as well as the best yacht that is perfect for your family. Then there is an option for snorkeling, swimming and exploring in the rib. Not to forget some top end cuisine while on board.

Interested in bareboat charters?

A bareboat charter is becoming quite popular because people are fantasying about sailing without having other people on board. It is also a great idea for those looking to try out new yacht designs for the purpose of buying. You dont get to pay for crew or skipper. A yacht broker will help in selecting the one that is just right for you and your family or group. They will also make sure that the heads, number of cabins, deck layout is in place.
Once you are done with all these steps with your broker yacht, you will have a well-coordinated yacht waiting for you on the dock.

Book And Bed Tokyo: A Bibliophiles Haven

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If youre like some people who turn to his or her favourite novel or any other book to get himself or herself to sleep, then Book and Bed Tokyo is the accommodation that is perfect for you. While this accommodation cannot really be classified as a world-class hotel, it being more of a backpackers budget accommodation in the concrete, steel, and electronic jungle of Tokyo, it is nevertheless a bibliophiles haven.

A word of caution; if you are claustrophobic, youd better steer clear of Book and Bed Tokyo or any other similarly designed capsule hotels. Bed and Book looks more like your ordinary bookstore with rows upon rows of bookshelves dutifully curated and indexed by Shibuya Publishing. From novels to short stories and even your favourite comic books, this ones got it. The question most potential guests have is why anyone would want to sleep in a place that has plenty of books and a tiny cramped space to call your bed?

Well, the answer lies in the beauty of falling asleep without knowing that youre already in slumber land. Book and Bed draws its inspiration from the innate human experience where the mind is worked out by reading until such time that it loses steam, putting it to sleep. Everyone knows the feeling. Youre busy reading. You want to push yourself to read some more only to find out the moment you wake up that youve already fallen asleep.

The Book and Bed Tokyo may not have luxury accommodation, but it surely provides a very unique experience, unlike your normal seaside holiday, for those who would love to fall asleep with a book right in front of their faces.

The accommodation is composed of 46 different beds categorized into compact, standard, and double. While you may have your own little nook, the shower room and toilets are communal. A spacious common area is available if youre feeling like sharing your thought or two with other guests at the Book and Bed. Youre actually free to read anything and everything they have in their bookshelves. Youre just not supposed to bring them home.

Each cubicle comes with its own reading lamp, a small locker, and a few electrical outlets. Each one is kept relatively private by an individual curtain and youd be provided with slippers and hangers, too. Of course, being Japan, WiFi connection is already a given.

When you do intend to stay at the Book and Bed Tokyo, make sure to have your credit card ready as they dont accept cash. Also, if you want to save a few dollars on your stay, make sure never to check in on Fridays and Saturdays as well as the day before any of Japans public holidays as the rates are usually jacked.

Sure, Book and Bed Tokyo doesnt come with the pomp and glamor of a Ritz-class hotel. But you cannot deny the fact that the experience it offers is something that is quite unique. Its this experience that no other place can offer.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Volunteer At A Charitable Organization Today

Charity & Fundraising

Thousands of charitable organizations exist all over the world. Some of them are well known organizations whose volunteer count is up to hundreds of thousands worldwide. Many charities, however, aren’t as lucky and only have a handful of volunteers running the show.

But even with a team of less than 10 volunteers, these smaller organizations play a huge role in giving help where it’s needed the most. These organizations are often closer to the people whom they serve and still strive to do their best to help others who are in need. This clearly shows that the need for volunteers is apparent.

Many people hesitate to step up to the plate because volunteers don’t often get paid. That’s because the organizations are largely non-profit and, in most cases, only have enough funds to spend for the needs of their beneficiaries. The lack of manpower, unfortunately, affects how things run in charities. In worst cases, projects could get delayed and help wouldn’t reach the beneficiaries at the time when their need is most urgent.

Another turn off is that there are so many things to do. This is related to the manpower issues as the work at hand is distributed only to a few heads and hands. Without ample manpower, those who do volunteer are saddled with more work to do. Logically, if the situation is reversed and more volunteers are present, the work is considerably reduced, tasks are done faster, and help is delivered to those who need it within a shorter period of time.

The world needs your help. If this isn’t enough reason for you to volunteer, here are 3 more reasons to consider lending a helping hand to charitable organizations:

1. Specialized talents are needed all the time – volunteers come from all walks of life. Their help is always appreciated, but there are types of specialized talents that some charitable organizations need more than others. Some of these specialized talents and skills include those of a medical practitioner and a legal counsel. If you have specialized skills and talents, consider looking for charities and nonprofit organizations where your expertise is needed.

2. You can help charitable institutions save money. Just like business organizations, charities also need to purchase products and avail of services for their operations. You can volunteer and donate your products and services so your chosen charity won’t have to pay for them anymore. If you own a restaurant, perhaps you can donate food to your chosen charity on a regular basis. You can even help spread awareness about their cause by promoting them in your restaurant, or holding a special promo to drum up more donations. This is free advertising and marketing for your charity.

3. There are so many people who need your help! You’re so fortunate to have what you have, as there are many others who have less and are in need of help in various forms. Even with thousands of charitable organizations in existence, the people who need your help still outnumber them 10 to 1. People who experience war, calamities, and other extreme circumstances need your help.

Find out today how you can help and volunteer. Visit this site to learn about some of the different types of charities you can volunteer with.

How To Choose The Best Sights In Cambodia

Holiday & Travel

Cambodias appeal lies in its provincial setting as if its frozen in time. The country is also home to one of Asias earliest civilizations, the Khmer Empire. The temples they build in Angkor have drawn millions of tourists from all over the world. Still, you have plenty of places to visit that many tourists are not aware of. Here are just some of the sights you should see.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the gateway to the Angkor Wat temples and other tourist destinations. Surprisingly, the town does not look like the rest of the country. Probably because the place is overrun with tourists and most of the local businesses cater to them. At the same time, you have to go there to visit the Tonle Sap Lake floating villages. Its also the gateway to the lush but wild valleys of Phnom Kulen.

Phnom Penh

Cambodias capital, Phnom Penh survived the dark days of the Khmer Rouge rule. Still, some remnants of their rule are still evident but the city has recovered. Fortunately, many French Colonial era villas still remain but new buildings are rising in the capital. You will find the busy markets are filled with food vendors and traders willing to haggle. The waterside promenade of the Tonle Sap is teeming with people dining in the many western style restaurants and bars.


Located in the Northwest part of the country is Battambang. Unlike Phnom Penh, the architecture and culture of the place is distinctly Thai. This is hardly surprising since both countries share a border here. The town of Kompong Chhnang is famous for its terracotta pots or chhnang. Meanwhile, the nearby town of Pursat is renowned for their marble carvings.

The Eastern Region

The eastern part of the country is the least explored but its the place for boating and nature trips. Despite the logging activities, there is still enough jungle space for the local wildlife. There is also an indigenous people there called the Chunchiet, living in those forested parts. You could also catch a glimpse of those rare Irrawaddy dolphins living at the Kampie rapids. If you prefer nature walks and watching wildlife, visit the town of Sen Monorom located in Mondulkiri province.

Where to Stay in Cambodia

Cambodia welcomes tourists and there is plenty of accommodation for travellers and people on vacation. Lots of people like to stay with locals where possible and home stays can be organised in some villages. There are also guest houses and hotels close to main points of interest in this beautiful and interesting country.

Best Time to Visit Cambodia

Cambodia, like most Southeast Asian countries, has a warm climate. The dry season is divided into cool and hot. The cool phase starts from November and ends on February. Not surprisingly, this is the time when most of the tourists arrive. Meanwhile, the rainy period keeps many of them away.

Cambodia has more interesting sights than Angkor Wat. The capital Phnom Penh still retains much of its French Colonial allure despite the on-going construction works. Meanwhile, in Battambang, you will not fail to notice the contributions that the Thais have left behind. If you prefer the solitude of nature, Cambodias eastern region is the place to be. If you dont mind the crowd, the best place to visit is during the cool period. Otherwise, visit Cambodia during the wet season if you dont mind the rains.

Have a Family Doctor for Your Family’s Health

Family Doctor

Having a family means being ready to take care of their health by all means. A healthy family is a happy family, and there is no any easier way to have effective healthcare for your family than having a family doctor. This may be taken for granted, but a family doctor is essential for any family that is seeking a lasting healthcare.

Having a regular family doctor improves health outcomes.

This has been shown in the international research of Dr. Barbara Starfield and the Canadian studies by Marcus Hollander, which demonstrated improved patient outcomes, reduced mortality, decreased hospitalizations and reduced health-care costs.

Your family doctor provides holistic care, treating you (not just disease) in the context of your family, work and other important aspects of your life. You are more than your joints, your gastrointestinal system and your hormones.

Good primary care attends to your body, mind, relationships and spirit.

Your family doctor treats all your health conditions – acute and chronic, including your emotional and relationship concerns.

The family doctor who knows you well may be the best physician to help you make personal health choices, sorting through information you’ve read on the internet, advice from friends and the opinions of other physicians. If you don’t have a family doctor yet, consider these tips when seeing other doctors for episodic care.

Sourced From: http://www.burnabynow.com/community/health/five-reasons-why-you-need-a-family-doctor-1.408917

Getting the perfect family doctor is not as easy as it may be taken. It takes consideration and research to get the kind of doctor you need for your family. More importantly, it is good to be aware of how accessible your doctor is and to know your health needs as well, not to mention knowing the best way to communicate with him or her among other essential issues before engaging any doctor as a family doctor.

Access to care

You may have a great doctor, but that won’t do much good if you can’t get an appointment when you need one. If your own work schedule is fairly rigid, then that could make your access problems even worse. Physicians who work in groups or teams may take turns covering for each other. This approach can make it easier for patients to get timely care. But it also means you may not always see your own doctor – especially when you go to an after-hours clinic.

Your health needs

Some doctors develop practices that focus on certain groups of patients. And you may feel more comfortable with a doctor who already has numerous patients like you. Some physicians see a lot of young families and children – and deliver babies, too. If you’re starting your own family, you may want a doctor whose practice is child-centered.

Communication styles

It’s critically important to be able to talk freely with your doctor about your health concerns. Most people find a new family doctor when they are in good health.

Sourced From: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health-advisor/know-your-needs-and-do-your-research-before-picking-a-new-doctor/article26527595/

Working closely with your family doctor is the best way to get the best of the service you and your family need. Communicate effectively with him or her, ask questions, get facts clear, and above all, follow the instructions the doctor gives you in detail.

Talk to your doctor

Be sure to tell your doctor about any current and past health care issues or concerns. It’s important to share any information you can, even if you’re embarrassed.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to speak up. It’s important for you to let your doctor know if you don’t understand something. If you don’t ask questions, your doctor will think you understand everything he or she has told you.

Take information home with you.

Taking written or recorded information home with you can help you remember information and instructions any time you need to. Your doctor is a good source of accurate information you can trust.

Follow up with your doctor

Make sure to follow any instructions your doctor gave you during the appointment, like taking medicine, scheduling a test or scheduling an appointment with a specialist. If you’re confused or if you’ve forgotten some information, it’s ok to contact your doctor.

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