Hacks On Finding The Most Affordable Flights

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One of the things that limit people from traveling is the expensive flights from one country to another. Even before all the accommodation and food expenses are considered, the expensive flights make people not want to go to places anymore. Travel can be a hassle for this and many other reasons. Luckily there are well known travel tips to help smooth things over. For example, did you know that there are hacks to getting cheaper flights? You got that right, follow these few hacks and you might just land yourself in the best flight deals you’ll ever have.

Know when you should book

It’s one thing to know when you plan on going to a place, but knowing when you should book your tickets will save you a lot of money. If you thought that booking at least 6 months away is cheaper, then it’s time to toss that idea out because most airlines only show cheaper flights at most four months before your departure date. Besides, booking too early might just miss your chance of getting promos a few months or weeks before your departure. You can also try following the magic number 60. 60 means 60 days (or 2 months) before your departure date.

Clear cookies or use an incognito tab

According to experts, once airline companies or travel agencies figure out what flights you’re looking for, they can adjust the prices and make them go higher. Clearing your cookies or using an incognito tab or private mode (even if it’s harder to fill out certain details later) leaves no trace of your interests and the airline companies would have to give you the real prices. Also, following the same logic, try to search for one person first and then book in a group.

Try to be flexible

If you’re traveling for a vacation, try to be more flexible when it comes to the dates you will be flying out. Weekend flights are always more expensive than weekday flights and the day that has the cheapest flights almost always fall on a¬†Wednesday.

In much the same way, try to be flexible when it comes to your ETD. Flights are a lot cheaper if their ETD is early in the morning or late at night.

Consider booking one-way trips

Round trip tickets are more expensive, so another hack you should try is first booking a flight leaving one country and then checking another airline or another agency for your return ticket. Besides, it’s almost the same thing because you’re still going to the airport and boarding a plane. If you aren’t too picky, then a change in plane accommodations wouldn’t be a problem.

Choose budget airlines

If your only goal is to get to city A to city B, then a budget airline isn’t so bad. Although expect that leg room isn’t that much and the food isn’t free, but at least you can save thousands of money just by picking a budget airline. Also, there are workarounds to budget airlines that would make your trip more enjoyable. You can find something to do in the plane like a good book or a movie so that you don’t have to be too mindful of your surroundings.