Is It Safe To Clean Your Floor With Chemicals With A Pet In The House?


If you are about you clean your home and you have a bunch of pets running around you need to be careful because a lot of the chemicals that we use to clean our floors have things inside them that are very dangerous for our pets. So many of us use things like bleach and dishwasher tablets and laundry detergents so many times in the home while we are cleaning but we forget to realize that most of these things are very poisonous for our pets. Most of the time the reason why we think this is not a problem is that we assume that because the dog is not actually touching the cleaning product in it should be fine however this is wrong, dogs can easily breathe in the fumes from cleaning products.

Another very important thing to remember is that animals love grooming themselves. For example, a dog will lick his paws. Now, if you think about it he has just been working on a floor that has had some chemicals put on it and he is now licking his paws which were just touching the floor thereby getting chemicals inside his bloodstream. The safest way to determine if a cleaning product is going to harm your pets is to think of it this way, is that something that you would actually be able to put inside your mouth? If the answer is no then you know that it is not safe to use on the floor where your animals are walking.

One of the most dangerous cleaning products that are often used in homes while pets are walking around is bleach. Bleach is very dangerous and even if it does not actually get inside the dog it can still cause permanent damage to the eyes and into the lungs. If you really do have to use the bleach then make sure the dog is nowhere near the area for at least a few hours.

The nice thing is that we live in a day and age where there are so many different kinds of natural cleaners that we can use to replace dangerous chemicals when cleaning all homes. For example, vinegar cleans so many things including the dog dogs mistakes that they end up making on the floor. The easiest way to clean without chemicals is to employ cleaning tools that do not require chemicals to clean in the first place. A good example is a good quality microfiber mop, hospitals use these tools because they are invaluable in keeping germs and bacteria to an absolute minimum which is very important in these kinds of places.

Using microfiber mops is going to allow you to clean your home even cleaner and than you would normally be able to with cotton mop because microfiber is made of such small fibers that it hooks onto and hold onto germs and removes them instead of cotton that just moves them around. This is what makes microfiber so effective and why it can clean without chemicals.