The Basics Of Pai Gow

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If you are a poker player, you will surely enjoy playing “Pai Gow”. Basically, Pai Gow is a variant of the seven-card stud poker. The name of this poker variation came from a Chinese domino game. This variation is not easy to learn. In fact, it is more complex than most variations out there. However, it is highly entertaining and can help you win a lot in the casinos. One of the top online poker sites is Betonline. You can read a full Betonline review here, and get the full story.

Important Note: You don’t have to risk your funds in order to learn this variation. You may go online and look for gambling sites that offer credit-based Pai Gow games. Once you know how Pai Gow works, you may start making bets using real money.

The Rules

Pai Gow is similar to other poker games when it comes to winning hands. However, it has a unique gameplay. Keep in mind that Pai Gow requires a 53-card deck (i.e. the typical 52-card deck and one joker). Because of the joker, a player can form a “five-of-a-kind”. The strongest hand in typical poker variants is the “royal flush” (i.e. a ten-to-ace sequence of cards that belong to the same suit). In Pai Gow, however, five-of-a-kind is stronger than royal flush.

When playing Pai Gow, you will determine winnings using seven cards. This variant requires the dealer to play against other players. Each player will make a bet at the start of a game. Then, the dealer will give seven cards to every player. Upon receiving the cards, all of the players (except the dealer) will pick up their cards and form two hands. The first hand contains two cards while the second one contains five cards.

Hoyle Casino 5 (2000) – Pai Gow Poker

In this game, you can’t talk to your opponents regarding the cards you received. Additionally, you must not touch your cards after splitting them into two hands. The players will rank their five-card hands as usual. Note that the strongest possible hand is the five-of-a-kind. Your options for the two-card hand are limited to two: high card or one pair.

Place your cards on the table, face-down. Make sure that your hands are next two each other. However, the strongest hand must always come first. For instance, if your two-card hand is a pair of kings and your five-card hand doesnt form anything, you must place the latter on the right-hand side of the former.

Determining the Winner

The dealer will form his hands once all of his opponents have arranged theirs. When that happens, everyone will reveal their hands and determine the payouts. This variation of poker has a unique method for awarding winnings. You need to compare each five-card hand with that of the dealer. Do the same thing on the hands that contain two cards.

If your hands are stronger than that of the dealer, you will receive the same amount as your original bet. If one of the dealer’s hands is stronger than yours, you will get your stake back. This result is known as “push”. If the dealer’s hands are better than yours, you will lose your bet. Just like in other casino games, the dealer will win in case a “tie” occurs.