Top 7 Urban Survival Kit


Many of the bug out bags and survival kit you find out there are designed for days of wilderness survival. Most are loaded with gear that are of no significance to the urban landscape.

You do not need a heavily loaded bug out bag with kits and emergency rations meant for a 72 hour emergency. You however, need one that is suited strictly for urban survival. In this article I will be writing on just that; urban survival kit you must have:

1. Self Defence Items

The urban landscapes are centred on areas that are highly populated. This also means that you are more likely to come face to face with other survivors. If they are friendly thats all good and fine. You can even exchange rations or help with them even. But what if they are not friendly and try to steal or rob you off your belongings? This is when pepper sprays or a weapon would come in handy to keep you and your loved ones save.

2. Multi-tool

A multi-tool can help you go a long way in urban survival. These tools normally come with, a saw, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a can opener, scissors, rulers, pliers, a ruler and even a mini compass to help you navigate your way if you get lost. This is a must have if you ask me, and they are made so compact that you can just keep them in your pocket.

3. Pry Bar

This is really an underrated item in the survival world. A pry bar is so useful that you can use it search and rescue, scavenging food and even moving heavy objects or debris that are in your way. A very good use for it is for prying open stuck or locked doors or even vending machines. I love it!

4. Emergency Radio

Always remember this, information is gold. You want to know the most up to date information and news about an emergency situation you are in. Always keep a hand-cranked radio for your urban bug out. That way you dont have to worry about batteries running dry and you will always be in the know of whats happening.

5. Sillcock Key

Also known as a four-way water key, will give you access to water on will. With this key you can open water supply from tamper-resistant bibs in commercial buildings. Having this key will allow you to have access to water from these commercial buildings. This is priceless in times of emergencies.

6. Tactical Flashlight

This is not your average flashlight. This must be long lasting, bright, water-proof and compact. Some even come with built-in fire starter and even a mini compass that you can use to navigate you way to safety.

7. Gas Mask

Anything could happen in an emergency scenario. There could even be a gas or chemical attacks. This is when the gas mask could mean the success or failure of your urban survival. Its light and can be easily packed in your big out bag.

Here are the top 7 urban survival kit we have identified, you must have. Make survival preparedness your way life in order to be safe, and to keep your family safe.